Hello all!

I have a site that deals with online role playing games.
I wanted to open a blog for it, and I wanted to ask you if you think it will be useful to open a blog for this kind of website, will it be useful? will it drive me more traffic?

Link for a website that deals also with online role playing games (for example):

Dear Web Dancer:

Blogging does help increase traffic to a website but you need to consider the following factors:
1. Time to dedicate to the blog
2. Time to mention other associated bloggers in your blog post
3. Time to really blog rather than self-promote

Hello webdancer,

Blogging helps to increase traffic to a website. You can also use linking strategy that promote your website. We are offering quality back links and manual method for promoting websites that will definetly increase traffic to your website.


Your blog may help establish you as a known expert in your field. In the long run, for a serious business I think the only way to go is have your own, hosted blog. It will give you the flexibility to change the structure.

By far the most important thing, when blogging for your business, is to keep putting in fresh content. Without fresh content, the traffic that you are trying to attract will have nothing new to read and they wonld not keep visiting.

1. If you have a website with a url like www.example.com have a blog with url like blog.example.com this can be easily done with CNAMe
entry in your domain administration.

2. Also try to post your site to the social networks/bookmarking sites like twitter, digg, stumbleupon, reddit & delicious.

3. There are some forums where you can promote you site with other promoters like bloggersnetwork.com and usocialize.us

blog entries are faster to be indexed in search engines

Blogs are rich of content,hence search engine crawlers and bots crawl blogs more frequently. Therefore,it is important that you keep your blog updated with fresh and unique content to gain better rankings in the search engines.
Blogs are a good platform to display your skills and portray your products and services.