I saw online sites that sell marketing plans. Do you create your own or use these online marketing plans?

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I saw online sites that sell marketing plans. Do you create your own or use these online marketing plans?

I know what to say...
I create my own marketing plan. I can only refer to it in SEO terms, not in social networking terms nor in link building strategizing or any other of the various Internet marketing methods (paying for search engine ads or banners, video ads, viral marketing ploys etc.).

At the root of the search engine optimization marketing plan are keywords, keyword phrases (hitherto keyphrases). I must identify specific keyphrases that I can rank highly in the search engine results pages (hitherto SERPs) and in a feasible, sustainable and client image conscious manner. Effectively deployed, this SEO marketing strategy will return a market share of the volume of targeted traffic available through the SERPs and then, if the qualified visitor is drawn to the presentation or quickly finds what they intentionally sought in the first place, that generates into the happy people telephone calls you want or the product orders coming in and out or the click-throughs or the whatever the agendas. It makes for the web site owner to be happy, they'll hire you again to do their marketing. The Internet marketer gets his keyphrase takeover plan in gear and on the right foot and then has happy sound sleep at night where he dreams of being with his honey and going fishing this summer at his secret world record sized northern pike and walleye lake.

From there I, after I awake, ...

Why would you buy a pre-designed or pre-established marketing plan? I would think that marketing should be individualized and designed to fulfill the particular needs of a site or business. What works for some, might not necessarily work for others. So, NO I would not buy a marketing plan, I will buy email campaigns, advertising and so on, but not a plan in itself. However, if you implement adequate SEO techniques you will be in less need of a marketing plan. After all, using SEO techniques IS a marketing plan. And a FREE one for that matter, only of course, if you do it yourself.

Normally, I used to create own online marketing strategy and work on it. However, I used to get some experts advice prior via some groups on facebook/orkut.

I have to agree with other posters, I would not buy a pre-established or a pre-designed marketing plan. I do not believe or trust a "one size fits all" marketing plan. I too, think promotion is a very individualized and everyone has different goals. Therefore your marketing plan should be designed to help you meet those goals and help your site succeed.

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