I am software developer and I can develpo projects in Visual Studio 2008 (C#) I want
to sale my projects. If any one can help me. How can i improve my sales.
How can i sale the projects.

Thank U


Hello, you can make landing page for your projects and run CPC banner campaign.


thank u for reply,
But could u tell me how to run my project in CPC banner. I really don’t have any idea about it

so can u explain me more briefly please


First of all you have to make promotional website of your software. Secondly, prepare graphical standard IAB banners(300*250; 728*90; 160*600), as much attractive as possible. By the word attractive i mean that when the visitor will see your banners he would have nothing to do except to click on it =).Next you have to order CPC (cost per click) campaign from Ad network. The rates will depend on the Geo. So you will be paying only for clicks, for direct visitors on you web page. The final stage will be optimizing the results and conversion rate