Try, carrying out various SEO activities and email marketing campaigns to increase the traffic.

Social networking, bookmarking, advertising............

using social bookmarking and link wheel are the latest technologies to increase traffic

Article marketing
Press Release
Social Bookmarking
B2B & B2C marketing

These techniques help you to get more traffic.

Social media profiles may help you getting more and more traffic especially twitter,facebook and linkden

how do i increase web traffic

The easiest way is to buy adwords from google.

how do i increase web traffic

Try article marketing!
Join online communities and submit your link.
Comment on other sites related to yours.
Use social media sites.
Have a schedule to create content and execute certain actions to gain traffic everyday.
Exchange links with your website with other similar websites.
Facebook fan pages.
Post good content, at regular intervals, plus optimized with low competitive keywords.

Good luck to you.

There are many creative ways to increase web-traffic.Outsource article writing,Link building,Creating content that is helpful and useful.with help of blogs you can also increase the traffic

how do i increase web traffic

Do unique submission and then promote it on social media networks. Also use some social bookmarking sites related to your nich.

Social media marketing is the best thing to drive more traffic to your site.

you should submit articles to article directories.

i would suggest best content and social community sites .

i know social media is a good way to generate traffic but i want result oriented traffic on my website.

Article submission are one of the best ways to increase traffic. Using the right keywords for your niche, and apply them correctly you can get articles on search engines to drive traffic directly to the filter. Remember to give a good useful content that is useful for those who are addressed.

Traffic can be increased via submission of articles to article directories..still there are online places like press release,classifieds etc which frequently come up in the search engines...and your link let others visit to your site/blog.

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