good information shared by mddv.

i am doing link building on high pr webistes from past 1 year but still have 0 page rank what is the main proglem

Main problem is that most of the links are nofollow now a days.

Main problem is that most of the links are nofollow now a days.

Hmm, I wonder why that could be? :rolleyes:

It is ture that, now internet marketing, web promotion. Only collecting backlings is not good from anywhere, put good backlinks from high pr authority domain will help you get best result.
If your are looking for very thought keyworks globally e.g. cloud computing,cloud servers, web hosting, term life insurance,automobile insurance etc.

I would suggest to work on content and promote your product on social media platforms. So you can get regular traffic to your website.

hi there, why don't you try though it is not for free but I can assure you that this is the cheapest way to have it and in addition to that I also tried thier services before.

If your are getting lots of backlinks you will surely be highlighted in Google eyes and you will be monitored by Google. and if your backlinks are not good in quality your PR will fall and you automatically traffic reduce.

if you want to prevent the the blocking from the adsense dont paste the link of your site into the spamming forum and then you have to vey careful about your website

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