Excellent and useful information, thanks.

Viral Marketing is one of the strongest ways to boost page rank and traffic, basically when you put a video out on youtube other people will pick up the video and send it all over the web, helping build incoming links, and your web presence.

How many post at least is recomended to do in each forum to make a good link building using your signature?

It's nice!

but.. why not to buy website traffic???

because you have to pay for it ..and SEO is just free once you rank in top 10

reciprocal link building is a good way to increase backlinks for your website easily as long as those websites have high PR. Or else if the PR of reciprocal link building website is low, that would result in our website being poorly rated by google.

I would be careful about Link Market.

Alot of their links are phony.

True... have tested them with a low rank site, and the results are like good but after the contract our links came down and our ranking crashed.

Better to do it manually and organically :)

So I say SEO with constant attention to content and link building is best. Always remember to keep it white hat because black hat will bite you one day....

Link exchange is helpful. However, it takes a lot of time to request one from authority sites.

Be aware of automatic exchange which might get low value and even be banned.

It is better to get one way links, you can try three way linking and authority sites profile.

To Increase Your Page Rank And Web Traffic for free, you can do the following:
Join in social networks
Submit your sites to web directories
Write articles and submit them to directories
Do some social bookmarking
Do some blog commenting and forum posting

There are actually lots of methods to achieve your target just keep on working.

IMHO, to get free traffic and high PR, one can do the following things:

Submit your blog or site to quality web directories and blog directories.
Blog commenting - Probably the easiest and fastest way to get quality related backlinks.
You can also translate wordpress plugins to your native language to get more backlinks.

Useful information is discussed over in this thread. REally helpful to learn a lot. Thanks.


The best way to do this is to submit your website link to as many websites as possible the most popular methods is usually submitting your website link to web directories.

Another method is link exchange.

Actually I have to say the two methods that you think best are not the best at all. Directory submission is not paid munch attention by google nowadays especially when submitted to low PR sites.

Link exchange might be good. But it is time consuming and you can hardly get quality ones from authority sites.

More suitable methods would be social bookmarking and article submission, I think.

PR and web site traffic are two different things.
If you want to increase the PR you have work in all channels with good PR sites. Take link from good PR site is the great tip for increasing PR.

If you want to increase traffic you have to work on social communities or book marking sites.

Hmm nice post and i already done this type of activity and i have increase my backlink but not traffic

You can find a list of directories at onewaytextlink.com whoever owns the site will try to get you to post some code on your site but you can look at the list and then go to the sites in another tab.

It's really nice to be able to read posts like this. Writers have their different ways of explaining to us how we get traffic for our website but they all drive us to similar answers. Obtaining a high page rank or even 1-2 takes time and effort.

Great article! Thanks for sharing a very informative and helpful post!

As per latest updates Page ranking is almost finished and verybody needs to be very carefully while doing link building.

SEO is very simple but you need to have a creative juices in it to make it more effective. :)

@mddv: your post is very much informative. Now Google frequently changed the algorithm. So once we doing organic SEO to our websites then we have update the algorithm. One more thing previously gave more important for directory but now there is no important. So better to avoid.

It is ovbivous that the back links support to make pr of your site and also the source for driving a traffic on your site . But you have to keep in mind that the links should be the releveant site of your niche . Other wise you have to bear the palnaty of bad linking accoding to Google pengiun.

Regular basis off page submission and quality content posting on SBM ,blogs and articles are so beneficial to improve web traffic on a particular site.
i want to know more tips to improve pr and traffic?

Any body have idea how to increase pr without link exchange

SEO is the best option to increase the visibility of website or webpage

There two aspect of SEO.
1 On-the-page SEO
2. Off-the-page SEO

Yup!! I completely agree with Nicolejoy!! If you’re on-page optimization is done well then half of the battle is won on search engines.
If can draw more backlinks from good PR domains then you can achieve high organic ranking soon. And this can generate huge amount of traffic to your site. OR Connect with people and promote your site using SMO.
Please for god sake don't try to use any automation software. I used few submission software and they were just waste of money and time.

And I don't want you to repeat the same mistake as i did.


My site still pr 0 !
Does backlink from link exchange and twitter increase pagerank ?

Yup!! If you use link exchange then it helps to get relevent links.. And google gives great importance if you get backlinks(voting) from the similar websites. Definitely, your PR rank will improve with link exchange.

But i'm 100% sure, twitter linking wont boost the PR.

The page rank will go down because Google find out that those links are spams.

Yup!! Vinodxx it happens...

Some of the web directory use last come first served algo(i.e in this case new websites are placed at the top). When you get a backlink from a web directory... initially it generates traffic and then it gets hide in the inner pages of that web directory portal.

Getting number of relevant backlinks from high PR sites will surely influence Page rank of website and also there is increase in traffic, if able to maintain keywords in Google First page.

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