yes Google Plus Beat Facebook

@rsewak, no it won't...

I think in future google plus can beat fb because of google plus is google products and it is growing faster.

FB has been promoted much more but i think Gooogle+ will get that position due to google products having much more features.

Okay... lets put it this way... So far FB is in the lead, and will stay that way unless Google figures out how to aquire them...

Of course Google will not take Facebook. Or even if yes so Google will need too much time to do that.

No facebook and G+ are different platforms so i dont think G+ is better or not.

There is no doubt that Google plus is grown fastely and has gain large portfolio. But it is not easy game to beat the Facebook , it will take a long time .

**i think google+ beat the facebook if and only if it change little its interface design.but now a days facebook is rocking in all over the world..may or may not be right but according to my view i personaliy like the both of them... **

i think we should get rid of such talks, we should be discusing how to enhance traffic from these platforum or any update or any new feature added to these site.

*sharing posts and your sits links on the social networks and place your links with your post when you share comments on the blogs......

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