i think it will take some time because fb has been published already

Facebook is the best from Google plus it have certain advantages over G+ like user friendly , voice and viedo calling attractive style and wide application

Absolutely right g+ take more time compare to fb increasing traffic and friends also.

No chance untill google tell if you are active on G+ your ranking will go up. Facebook will become a new religion it seems.. G+ have to walk a longway.

Most people on the world using facebook and I dont think that G+ can beat this community portal :D

I won't agree for this.

i think if they integrate google+ fully inside their android os they will have one big advantage that facebook will not be able to compete with. i think they have the potential to beat facebook if they want to definitely.

i personally believe Google Plus is not handy. facebook wins over Google+ especially when it comes to Official Fan pages. My vote goes for Facebook.

Totally diffrence between FB and G+.
FB for all email accounts, peoples come to share the fun things, don't care more about the other thing, just concentrated friends, fun things and some time is politically.
G+ just for Gmailer only, i reconized that most of peples get in there with business purpose. Almost the G+ invited to my email is the company name, if some one has automatically invited with business purpose also. This is my thought, hope it help.

But it would take time as Facebook is too popular....

As for now, no! Google+ can't beat facebook anyhow.

I think Google would beat fb in future but it would take time.

In terms of SEO google plus will beat facebook.....bcoz..G+ is seo friendly..

Google as such is known more for its Search Engine and its web tools rather than anything else on the other hand Fb being first off the block has had a phenonemal exposure in the same category & people can't co-relate google with anything much similar.

i dnt thnk so. g+ can replace fb..

Facebook updates regularily thats why its become strong apponent for such big giant Google+

When it comes to Social Media Network, I think Facebook still on top. Google+ are very professional that most Internet Marketers are not comfortable to post it to Google+ unlike Facebook.

I don't think so...

Google + is well feature but not yet fully developed to promote a website whereas facebook more helpful and more advertisable website.

At this time i don't think sooooo.......

I don't think so.

I don't think google + will take over FB. because as far as I know google has started google + for some ranking factor add to his algorithm to ensure the quality of good content, like he has added author ranking in algorithm update and google is pushing writers to complete their google profile and create +page to ensure the quality of the content. for example how many people push the plu button for a specific writers content. on The other Hand FB is like Google he always adapting new updates and ideas to implement.

Its not going to be easy for Google to take over the popularity but in no time it would. I see it happening really soon.

google plus is good but it cant beat facebook.

NO in my views facebook soical media working much better in camparision of google+.Facebook gives some extra and easy features instead of google+.

Nope. FB wins

for me FB is better than G+, i have both profiles but i daily go for facebook..
i don't like the design of G+..

Google is best search engine.....

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