I also agree that Google is very fast and advance but it can't beat facebook.

Well I think after some time it could be happen as google is the only place where people went to search I mean the 90% of internet users lets say if they start using google + as a social network then this could happen.

Inspite of all the changes that google+ has made i do not think it can beat fb...for many fb is now become thir routien part of thier day.. Soo NO for G+

what are the odds of a G+ user not having a FB... so G+ loses and not to forget that the creater of FB was most popular on G+...

No chance..

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google can beat facebook but Not in 2013.

Sure, google will beat fb in their fantasies...

I see the question was asked more than 1.5 years ago but still Google+ is too far from even approaching Facebook in its popularity - I am not talking about beating it.

No google+ can not beat facebook it less chance.

I don't think so...it's impossible for google

Lets be positive, Google can make many things possible, just some things it can't make possible is beating Facebook and creating app store better than apple's.

I like use both Google and facebook. Each kind has individual benefit.

I don't think that Google plus can beat Facebook.

Both are same but know days google plus famous more than Facebook.

@indianwedding, Google+ has never been more popular than Facebook?

Yeah it seems that Google plus in future will beat facebook.

@maria.methews, If google invests it's entire bank in the search it may have a small change... or convert every Gmail account into a G+ account :)

Facebook has a great portfoliow of users and the management of the Facebook making progress dy by dy to stay for staying on 1 postion. On the other hand if we look the progress Google plus have made in the last year. This is outstanding progress and they has achieve huge number of user in past year. As I think, now this year in not for Google plus and Facebook, Now this is the time to Pintrest to Grow.

I think someone is going to end up buying Pintrest soon.

Also a no from my side. Google+ will be on the market but that's it.

I think Infuture google+ can beat facebook

@suniverm, it won't... facebook has a very strong foundation and lots of data. google has to do something groundbreaking in order to win... (maybe buy a majority of their company)... Besides what are the odds of a G+ user not having an FB account?

It's possible, I think whoever has the best service at the right time will come out on top, think about Instagram, people seem to love taking pictures these days and that grew like mad. So in a few years there will be a new craze, Google might capture it first and succeed, or Facebook users get bored and migrate.

If Google wants to win, they should buy skype, twitter, or buy a majority of FB...

May be, but both social media sites having their own uniqueness. But i love to be with facebook.

As Google plus and pinterest are growing rapidly they will give tuff time to Facebook to stain their psotion.

...and nobody wants a stained position.

@Happygeek, i guess i agree with you

I think google+ can not beat facebook because facebook is more popular.

I think that Google plus will not beat the Facebook. Google plus has made impressive progress in the last year, but it is hard to contine with that progress. Because they have a competation with the Pinterest and other big social media sites.

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