What is the CMS and what is the use of the CMS?Please explain CMS in detail so that i can tell others about CMS.

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Why not try typing CMS or Content Management System (that's a real big clue right there, by the way) into Google? Although I appreciate that taking the obvious route first and then coming to a community such as DaniWeb with specific and sensible questions would not allow you to advertise your signature links...

It is called content management system.Now a days many site use the cms.By using cms developer make the admin site with the high security.Name of Cms like a joomla,os commerce,wordpress etc..Now a days shopping site make using by the cms.

CMS - Content Management System. We can handle and manage this website in a easy process. We can add content, and remove content and update pages many features are there. We have many CMS are there for different categories.

For example Joomla is a CMS. Many business industries are using this. Any person can use this.

For a ecommerce website, yahoo stores, magento are CMS, we can mange our products update and delete through CMS. It's an easy process.

CMS means Content management Solutions. It is platform for building sites and application, which can easily edited by the website owner without the help of developer.

CMS-Content Management System is a kind of package having predefined code inside that.You just have to use your little skills to develop any website.

CMS means content management system,We can update, copy, edit and create new posts also upload images to a portfolio, add video, audio any many more.

Reduce repetitive duplicate input
Improve communication between users
Improve the ease of report writing

CMS stands for Content Management System for website, you can get free CMS web applicaiton from google search

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