facebook is now a days the most popular network in marketing , but for me i love google+
it does not only provide marketing support but also 15gb free for ur emails

Every social media site is different. You cannot behave everywhere the same, because your audience might vary from place to place. I used to think that my time on Facebook was wasted, but I continued to post there, and now, I get daily comments twice a day and my followers there are growing and following me in other places. Google+ was simply amazing! My profile got over 9 million views in just a couple of months! I just could not believe it. I post on Google+ and in minutes I get visits and pluses. So I really believe that currently, it is a fairly active sit3e, since people can see your stuff right away when you post it. Do not forget to hashtag your posts both on Facebook and on Google+, that is crucial!

For us Facebook is more effective, but this depends on the one's activity on any of this website that results which is more effective.


I have personally found Reddit and Google the best way to bring traffic if you don't have a Facebook page with millions of fans.

My vote is for google+ because it can boost your SEO

Of course, this 2 social media sites are good. But you can use more sites like twitter, linkedin rekutan and so on. This will help getting more traffics for your website.

Social networking sites are more beneficial to bring traffic on your website but it is very important that to provide the high quality content and to take part in the discussion and in other activities.

I love Google+, in my niche, it is a tremendously active community. In just a few months las year I got over 9 million (yes, million) pageviews with hardly an effort on my part. How neat is that? My Facebook page has activity, but it does not compare!

facebook is better than others because it has many users and huge web community.
G+ is not much familiar to internet insects. In my sincere opinions you must use facebook so, you can easily iteract the social media and web family.

Facebook and Google+, both are very good tools for gathering direct traffic. But, the overall visitors flow of Facebook is slightly higher, when compared to Google+. However, the proper optimization of Google+ can easily make your website ranked in Google search engine. So, don't ever compare these two social networks with each other.

I think Google+ mostly have profiles of web marketers and advertisers while there are more real users on facebook. So I think Facebook should be your choice to get traffic on the website. That's my personal view though.

Up to date I will vote for facebook. But in near future google+ will be in the position of facebook. So beside fb we have to use google+.

lots of communties are their in Google+ having more than 1 lac members ,you can get qualitty traffic from Google+.

Both are best. Facebook is useful for traffic. and Google plus is useful for SEO.

twitter can be a best way of promotions

Google + is getting bigger each day and you should definitely go for both. You should also consider your target group. My followers from LinkedIn almost all have accounts with Google+, but I have way more followers on Facebook and they aren't interested very much neither in Google+ nor LinkedIn. So yeah, go for both. It's free, all you need is time and ideas.

Now days Facebook become more popular then Google+. Facebook launch market pulse for business.

Google+ is for Techie and community based social media.

Facebook is a fun oriented Social Media. if it is tech oriented we should focus G+ rather than FB.

I am digital marketing analyst, I find the Google+ is Google, Google search engine is where the traffic is.

This thing is totally depending upon you either you are having skills to get over these two or not.
Like you ought to know what to do with these two for promoting something or whatever you want, then whatever you choose it will work best for you.

Well in my opinion both are best, you need to know the correct method to use them for the traffic generating purpose. You can get more traffic if you know the method to do so otherwise both facebook and google+ are of no use to the person who does not know the same.

My experience facebook give more trafffic. I don't know what about Google+

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