Both are very beneficial in terms of traffic but if we will talk about popularity then yes Facebook is much popular then Google+ reason may be that facebook is quite older the Google+.

Google plus is best if your are targetting towards the search engine of google

Facebook is more popular

I think it's also depend on what country you're living in. In Asia, people use facebook more but in the US many marketer use Google+ more.

Really you should be using all available social media sites you can! It can increase your seo and also will help get your name out there!

I use both G+ and facebook, personally I think G+ is better. Though Facebook users are in the multimillions so would be worth while jooining there too!

Facebook and Google + both are the fabulous sites. But Facebook is a monopolist now a day. Google + is getting started to make its monopoly .

Facebook without a doubt.Google + is new and will take time to become as popular as facebook.

Of course Facebook is better. More community options, more people (friends) with this portal. As other said: Google need more promotion. :)

It's best to have a pervasive presence, but if you have to choose a platform go with Facebook. Facebook has supported businesses longer through Pages and allows you to run campaigns targeted at a specific demographic easily right on the site. Google+ is a bit immature. It's also rather unpopular.

My experience of Google+ is that the membership is mainly comprised of people who also use Facebook or Twitter, and took a look when the new boy in social media started up. They have not changed their primary usage patterns, and Google+ is not becoming a thriving community. It's something of a vicious circle: a social network needs lots of active members to succeed, new members join and discover there's not much going on so leave (or just dip in every now and then), the social network never reaches the required critical mass or membership momentum.

Facebook has that critical mass in terms of active members. It's where my friends are, and despite some also using Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ the only place that they are ALL together as a group is on Facebook. Consider that this is the same for the majority of social circles and that's a pretty hard nut to crack for any new service trying to break the stranglehold.

As I've stated elsewhere, Internet giant killing is not impossible (AltaVista, Netscape, MySpace etc etc) but neither is it easy. For now, Facebook is the primary player in social media but the clever money spreads the bet and has that pervasive presence that dmanw100 speaks of.

At this time i prefer Facebook.

Although i used both for my work. But i get more traffic from facebook.

I like facebook dear.

Both are good, but FB attracts more attention for most people...

facebook can bring traffic but g+ increases your rankings in search results....

Facebook for me because now a days there are a lot of user on it and it will surely give the seo work a good traffic that you want.

Facebook bring more traffic vs G+

Well, my favorites are: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

If I have to choose between the facebook and the google+, I'l go to facebook because it is more popular than google+.

Facebook is too popular, I'm using Facebook for promoting my website too.

I like facebook instead of Google plus.

How to increase the access on facebook, Google?

Google plus is best site for SEO work.

In term of traffic - Facebook gives me by far the best follower to click ratio. I also use couple of services from seoclerks to increase my likes!

i think Google + is very easier then fb

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I might have to go with G+ (I have no choice) because I have that on my Youtube account.

Facebook or google both social site but maximum use facebook to promote your business in facebook or google more traffic available on facebook.

As per my way Google + is better than Facebook.

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