Facebook and twitter are good SMO site which can divert more traffic to your website.

Yes, Google plus can also drive high amount of traffic to a website but Facebook are having more specific groups to promote a product or property.

Facebook still has the volume and it is a good way to promote your website and your blog. Google +1 is still changing its features and attemping to bring in more users. I recently read that Google +1'ing can create good results. So, if you have a +1 and are reading articles, blogs and other items then +1 and grow.

Try not to do what everybody else is doing. If your niche is very visual, why not use Pinterest or Instagram? If you communicate well, why not take advantage of Google + hangouts? If you do what everybody else is doing, you'll just be screaming in a high wind, nobody will notice.

Facebook and Google plus can promote you ample of relevant traffic to your website.

I think Facebook is best for Internet Marketing because more than 835,525,280 of people using facebook from all over the world. So i think Facebook is best website to get traffic.

Facebook is better then google+ to get new visitors.

Facebook is more viral than G+. there is a real that there are fewer people use G+ in my places (even they have not known G+ yet). So im for Facebook for traffic and G+ for trust.

google + is only young and it is growing in popularity, i think it will be a great source of web traffice the same way facebook is. i'll prefer both.

G+ is still conquering the market, while FB already has its huge market share. Apart from that and the prospects unpreceedable, both social networks help much to gain traffic.

I prefer Facebook.

both 2 pages are social good but let me choose I would choose Facebook because many friends and clients I use them to update your account and share it every day, just for local SEO G+

face book :)

Facebook becouse Facebook is olderone and active users spending hours of hours on this site and Google+ is new still in test mode users are increasing forcly not many active users but it shows hope for bigger

Both Facebook and Google Plus is important for Social Marketing. Not only these two but also every social sites gives you good traffic if you promote your website there. But Now-a-days Facebook is most popular social sites among all.

Facebook is widely used by plenty of peoples and it has various features and techniques to fix any kind of unwanted things while using it as for social media marketing

every social sites have it's own feature which plays an important role in driving traffic and facebook is the most important social media site since it contains plenty of users,and also facebook is the most popular site for social media marketing

I'll go with Facebook because from last 5 years I'm using Facebook so how can i go with Goolge+

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Hi ,

Both needed becuase both has users for social media marketing


Facebook is better than google plus. Because google plus is new site and facebook is very popular site.

Yes, Facebook can drive more traffic but Google Authorship and other stuffs are seriously considered by search engine bots.

Facebook and Twitter are social networking sites that are helpful to improve your business website visibility as well as generate traffic to website.

Both are Unique from each other. But the visitors flow for Google+ is somewhat higher than Facebook. But most people don't know fully about G+.

I will suggest Facebook becouse a huge number os active users
Google+ is better for content and images inedxing by Google search engine

better go with both it will help for SEO also

facebook better than google + because nowadays million of people perfer fb.and student also in fb

As Dani told buth the Social medias are free.
You should try Both, and also try many other like Twitter, likedin etc...
And you should start to share this all with your friends or group.
so that your friends of friends /followers of followers can see your website,
and so this brings a great traffic to your site,
you should share image (graphic image) on fb, Twitter, Google+, etc... so one can wish to enter your site and bring traffic.
Best of Luck !!!

If you looking for getting more traffic on your site then Google Plus is the best option.

Google is better and surely best better than facebook

Yes Google+ is very young but Google is very big company
Google+ needs to developed more like facebook
Facebook still on No -1 spot and it is going to be remain on that spot

Facebook 167,665,087 likes
Google Page 19,098,980 likes

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