What social media marketing channels do you have the most expertise in?

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Facebook and Twitter ;)

Each and every social networks are the most effective for the business and one has to be the expert to work with all the social networks. Just the major need on social media is to be live all time and to be instant responder in the discussion and also to provide the new and useful information in the discussion.

What social media marketing channels do you have the most expertise in?

But my company having experts of every field to perform their work excellently.

There are many social media marketing channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus.

you can use facebook(one of the best), Twitter(equal to facebook), G+(new but powerful) and digg(one of the best site, can provide bulk traffic).

Facebook, rediffmail are some effective social media marketing

i am totally agreed with all that facebook, twitter, rediffmail are most effective social media marketing channels.

My expertise in social media marketing channels are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Digg. These are they best social site till now from which you can divert huge number of traffic to your site.

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter , Google

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, My Space, Linked In.

Facebook & Twitter

I am Managing

4 business Google plus pages & 1 personal

2 Facebook Fan pages

Two twitter accounts

All accounts are running with great following list.

One linked In accounts.

Hi i am agree with all of you the main motive for using social media marketing channels is attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks.

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