I have no clue what i'm doing when it comes to SEO things etc...... I have just created my website and when i type the keywords into google news articles come up but not the actual product that i'm selling come up. Is there any way someone could help me with this please?

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Sorry don't quite get the question, are you saying whan you put your keyword or keyword phrase into google
your site is not showing?

Yes, sorry! fIf i put the key words in it comes up with something unrelated....... say i put "children's mobile phones" in, it doesn't come up with my product, it comes up with newspaper articles about children using mobile phones. I have put all these key words in the meta tag things. I have used a site builder.

Collect some quality backlinks for your page..It will help you to your page up

Yes, collect the quality backlinks for your targete keyword..Maybe it will help you to get ranking for that targeted keywords

After the SEO Starter Guide, check out rich snippets.

can you show us your site? may be i can suggest you something after that...

Hi, The following techniques might be useful for you to get rid of your issues. Please go thrrough it and try applying it with a SEO service provider like SNIP

1.Title tag
2.Meta tag
3.Proper use of heading tag
4.Attributes on image
5.Title attributes on links

If you don't have any much knowledge about SEO try hring professionals instead. It can make your work easier and can have a high traffic for your site! :)

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