How can i promote my website on internet?

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The best way to do this is to hire a reputable seo firm. With the changes that have been happening with Google and it's algorythms, if you were to attempt to do this yourself it could take you years. I can recommend a good, reputable SEO company, completely above board. I don't think that I can mention it in this post so please email me and I will explain further.

If you want to promote your website then I would say that use social media, it is very effective because most of the people are using social media sites, also optimize some targeted keywords to get targeted visitors to your website.

articles submission, web directory submission, search engine submission, social network marketing are a few you can start off with.

best way to promote your site on a internet is share your site on a social network sits like facebook,g+,...etc..create compain for your sites on the facebook ...regularly post new topic ..create your sitemap for your site submit into the bing,google webmaster tools and create backlinks......

I will be honest with you... this question is prabably the most asked question in this forum, why not just read the other posts????

Yes MICHAEL This question is most repeated in this forum site, any way the following are the some of the rules for promote your website on internet:
1. make sure that you have added a listing to Google Local Business
2. submit your website to directories
3. join social networking sites
4. find suitable independent websites and email them regarding placing a link for your website.
Thank you all.

If you want to promote your website on internet then I would say that use all the methods of link building so that you would be able to build natural links to your site and it would help in promotion, without any doubt.

You can use E-mail marketing, SEO techniques and even social sites such as other business owners using today for promote their products and services. I think you should be go for Facebook.

Promotion of the website online is a very simple concept and you need to join an affiliate programs for website promotions. I did the same and joined Google Affiliate Networks for the promotion of my business website and I am very pleased with the results. I suggest that you referring to, for more detailed information about which affiliate marketing program is the best for your website.

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