you can also try social media sites to increase your traffic..that will provide good traffic..

Do effective SEO to bring keywords in Google search.
Promote website on social media websites to get referral traffic.
Set up blog, write interesting content. Point links to the website in your blog post to get traffic and promote blog on social media sites. If you can write good content, people will share your content to their networks.

We have to focus on the on page as well as off page optimization, using Keywords analysis, back linking and link building. In on page optimization we should use all tags and in the off page optimization we should focus on the social media like facebook, twitter etc. In this way we can get organic traffic for our websites.

Driving traffic to your personal blog, portfolio, or business website is key to building a larger audience, gaining new customers, and going viral. Everyone can benefit from learning about driving traffic to their site!

Write Good quality content for your website
Optimise website Title,Add keyword,and description about your Website..
Create some Socila Bookmark on some of very famous website like reddit,stumbleupon,digg,delicious,newsvine etc etc..
Create Social Media Pages on Facebook,twitter, linkedn,Myspace etc..
Create publish and share your link on these site in sort of time your see visitor on your website.....

This is the most effective means for increasing traffic to a website; offering people something that they cannot obtain elsewhere, or at least, not to the level of quality that you are offering it. Ways in which to ensure that your content is of higher quality than competitors or is unique include:
Creating content that is helpful and useful. Simply cobbling together information from another website will not generate traffic. You need to offer visitors the information they need to achieve a goal, solve a problem, be entertained, find out quality news or have a good laugh.

Key factors to increase traffic.

1.Worthy content according to people choice.
2.Attractive and meaningful images, animations along with content.
3.Attractive website with informative contents.
4.More number of fans on facebook page and other social media.

Yes its content only which can bind your visiter to stuck on your site .Informative cntent and attractive image is the base of SEO.

hi there how to increase the traficc of a website

Obviously that content which appealing your prospective user, make them re-engaging as well as captivate them to be connected to your site.

Okay let me tell you the simple way.
first of all create quilty content and then create account on social bookmarking sites there are alot of socialbookmarking sites are available.
Create minimum 2-3 posts per day.. Then share them to 10-20 socialbookmarking sites..
from every SB site you will get minimum 10-20 views.
32020=1200 its minimum ratio...

I also agree content play the main role in SEO.Quality contact boost your website in search engine.

Engagement is Big factor for traffic increase.User engagement is the key factor.Content needs to be written according user requirements.

So overall grow connections,interactions,profile visibility,Content posting,High quality reviews must to stand in today's compitetive environment...

Some of the best techniques you can use to generate customers to your website and enhance the exposure of your webpages can be discovered within Google website owner resources. We've outlined five methods you can take benefits of the resources below to enhance the exposure of the material you've proved helpful difficult to make.

  1. Publish all of your webpages to the Search engines catalog - for 100 % free.By using Search engines Webmaster Tools to submit your URLs, you help Google web spider do a more finish and effective job of creeping your website. Webmaster resources allows you to submit all of your webpages to the Search engines catalog, and it's particularly useful to make sure that we know about all dynamically produced URLs or webpages that are not effectively connected to on your website. But please note: posting a web page to the catalog will not assurance addition or impact your PageRank, and isn't a alternative to developing powerful and useful material.

  2. Discover out how Search engines recognizes your website.
    Once you've created sure we have accessibility your website, you can see the typical terms used to weblink to your webpages and that are seen by Search engines. This allows you to see styles in your website's material, and can help you figure out why you may be position for particular search phrases. You can also see which web page has the biggest PageRank by 30 days. Some online marketers are amazed to discover that this isn't always the homepage. If an inner web page has the biggest PageRank, you might consider investing a longer period improving the ads there.

Have quality and fresh content in the web page and proper on- page optimization should be done at prior.

Forum discussion, link wheel, social media promotions, classifieds may help traffic to a website

Top quality material will get rated better in search outcomes. Make sure that your material deal with the needs of your guests, and that they can discover all of the details they need in one identify. This is the most effective way for improving guests to a website; providing people something that they cannot acquire elsewhere, or at least, not to the standard that you are providing it.
Create material that is beneficial and useful. Simply cobbling together details from another web page will not produce guests. You need to provide guests the details they need to accomplish a objective, fix a problem, be amused, discover out quality information, or just have a good have a good laugh.
Avoid material turbines. While these were once the pleasure of a new web market, they are no longer useful. Placing your own crew's creativeness online is what is useful.

The more content you have for others to share the more you get the traffic. This is the only way you can have more traffic. Have a blog in your website or a create a forum to discuss with other users. This will gain you a better organic websites.

Generating traffic on website is not a big deal for any SEO person, but the point that really matters is the relevant traffic.
I would like to share my personal experience that would definitely help you all.
I agreed the content is king. I got very huge raffic on my website within 3month.

Tips for traffic are the following.
1-Share content that must be relevant to the your business.
2-share attractive and useful infographics (Pinterest etc.)
3-Update your social channel (tw, fb, etc.)
4-Social Bookmark your stories. You really don't know the power of reddit and stumble.

Thank you all

In short I would just say always,remember content is the Key make the content go viral and you will get as much traffic as you want !

for a new website i have also found out that a combination of facebook ads and google ads are also good in the short term, if u have good customer service u can also increase the sales from word of mouth from the initial clients you get from online ads

Well, I would like to add over here's also concentrate over the Question Answers they are also good source of traffic as well as getting a legimate backlink is surely going to help you a lot !

Content is the main thing for a website but primary goal is to engage more audience. This could be done by employing visual content on your homepage like videos.

Quality content plus promotion is the key.

The content does play a significant role in uplifting your site, but you should also try out something else. Posting videos is a good idea, along with this you need to have a presence on popular social networking sites.

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