How much do websites cost?

I want to start threads on certain forums and make websites for them. Pretty high quality/high end. I've been Googling so far, but prizes are outragous (4000-12000 dollars sometimes). If I may ask, I'd call 2 different types of requests, could you tell me what would you have asked for such order? (assuming West-european)

1: 4HTML pages linked towards each other. Logo design (which took about 3 days to finish). No real PHP system file.
2: Advanced website. With commentary/login/admin system. Logo design (which took about 3 days to finish). User friendly panel (not sharp - it won't be pesky on input mistakes). Website optimization (by performance). Mobile support/all browsers support. "Hacking" protected (cookies/decryption/session/SQL_injection and stuff)

After re-reading thread >>> For total insurance, I'm wanting to make websites, not buy them.

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It depends on the amount of experience you have and the quality of the work. I would say maybe $500 for the first and $2500 for the second.

I have about 5 years in experience, it doesn't mean that I knew everything 5 years ago. But I had many issues on websites and kept either changing code 'til it worked or done something that always worked.

The prices you've posted. Are these the minimal, mediocre or "highest"?

I think tt depends on what company you select to do this task for you....

commented: I am one making website I stated it very very clearly. +0
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