Squidoo is a good and useful tool in getting extra traffic and backlinks for free,
and also it is positioned high at Google.

Lets promote our Squidoo lens, and by doing so improve the ranking of it.
When the lens is ranked higher, it also gets more traffic.

If you SquidLikes my lens, I will do the same for your lens, so we will all benefit from this.


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you are right but only one site (Squidoo) may not work if you are doing link building to your site, you need several quality sites like Squiddo.

Yes indeed Squidoo is just one of the sources for backlinks, but it is a good one.

You can no longer play one hand and win with SEO. You have to disperse your efforts far and wide. Also, consider that Google makes updates constantly so you have to keep abreast of the changes and keep changing up your tactics.

Yeah, many hottest squidoo owner use their squidoo account earn lots of money.

Its a great website for social bookmarking.You can add link, follow people and increase the followers. It also helps in increasing bouncing rate.

Can anyone help me regarding webpage? I want to use it on my business, anyone can give me some useful tips thanks.

Exchanging Squid likes is agains their TOS, but generally if you go and liked someones page they usually returns the favor by liking one of yours.

May be this correct because Squidoo link is get a traffic to the sites that's y we are suggest this one

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