Hello i have a problem with my website intergrated with Facebook login. It used to work fine, the log in i mean but then i added more items in review (like and share) in the Facebook App and since then it doesn't redirect and doesnt login in my webiste

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Are you sure it stopped working at the exact time when you added more permissions?

Strangely, I used to use curl for Facebook OAuth, and suddenly that stopped working one day, and I had to switch to using file_get_contents().


i used OAUTH too. I dont know if this helps you tellin me what to do. Because i am sure there is nothing wrong with my app

The webpage at http://www.rovespier.com/facebook_login.php?code=AQA5XBoeSz0CqMXFjN4HYVGS8m9Ik7SbLiI0mcLCGfqYSfeuWJxspCJPE8vkUkgTEwOFR1WQUHH8C0IaBRNmP2z7a8qpGVl-p8OFd8XZwOcxkCuOGiFOiHwlYXaTuBTIZ3qdPR0j-usXpbRrfXe31ja7Vj0Tqm_2vGR1i5ABYDkVnP5erzBtdudSjqR9XAfUl6wOHqXQRr-hRFMG65690wv_7bHhpXtAQY3gg8wilW6AUFDxAxaeNpvG_rDcLT48T6AsFR5471hf8u4L6hLNMnYvfvwwzEjHM2g197HC3jDhUTnvorVR8qqcrt7UMYFFuOjkdTq9Q_8vpdfkLmuqawXi&state=f8be9ba734e1fd66215fa6824e4f1bab#= has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.

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