Hello i have a problem with my website intergrated with Facebook login. It used to work fine, the log in i mean but then i added more items in review (like and share) in the Facebook App and since then it doesn't redirect and doesnt login in my webiste

Are you sure it stopped working at the exact time when you added more permissions?

Strangely, I used to use curl for Facebook OAuth, and suddenly that stopped working one day, and I had to switch to using file_get_contents().

Where do i find file_get_contents().

Looks like you're doing it a very different way than I did. I used OAuth.

i used OAUTH too. I dont know if this helps you tellin me what to do. Because i am sure there is nothing wrong with my app

The webpage at http://www.rovespier.com/facebook_login.php?code=AQA5XBoeSz0CqMXFjN4HYVGS8m9Ik7SbLiI0mcLCGfqYSfeuWJxspCJPE8vkUkgTEwOFR1WQUHH8C0IaBRNmP2z7a8qpGVl-p8OFd8XZwOcxkCuOGiFOiHwlYXaTuBTIZ3qdPR0j-usXpbRrfXe31ja7Vj0Tqm_2vGR1i5ABYDkVnP5erzBtdudSjqR9XAfUl6wOHqXQRr-hRFMG65690wv_7bHhpXtAQY3gg8wilW6AUFDxAxaeNpvG_rDcLT48T6AsFR5471hf8u4L6hLNMnYvfvwwzEjHM2g197HC3jDhUTnvorVR8qqcrt7UMYFFuOjkdTq9Q_8vpdfkLmuqawXi&state=f8be9ba734e1fd66215fa6824e4f1bab#= has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.

Report a Login Issue to facebook :)