Well I recently started a new youtube channel and I wanted to promote my channel. I was going through few sites and services and found (site selling likes - link deleted by admin) and I thinking try them.

Anyone tried their services or do you have any discount codes?


don't do this. sure, they "work" for a short while, until people figure out you pay for likes, and they'll ignore the likes and see the page for what it is: nothing much without the likes.

besides that: google (and probably not just google) kind of started a little 'war' against 'bought likes'. if you apply that, and google finds out you paid for those likes, they'll never display your page in their search results again. which is you loss (seriously).

in the end, you want likes ? make sure you have videos people like, share it with the people you know 'll like them, and keep updating.

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Stultuske is absolutely right, try to create attractive videos and get genuine likes that wil help you more.

Well done, youtube is one of the best social media channel for promoting videos and services through creating videos. Once you create youtube channel, start following actions:
1. Create user friendly URL(like keyword of your services etc)
2. Add about us section
3. Insert public logo and banner
4. Upload videos related to your services

There are various ways to promoteyour channel like through Link Building sites, posted on social bookmarking sites and local listing sites, expand in local areas by classified sites.

Software Development: that 'updates' your page, it doesn't promote it.

I think you need to learn search engine optimization.