Today I am going to share some websites that you can get backlinks from, and I hope that you do the same ...

Here are some websites to get a good backlink profile when you first start your SEO campaign:

  1. Youtube:
  2. Vimeo:
  3. Metacafe:
  4. Slideshare:
  5. Hubpages:
  6. Diply:
  7. Buzzfeed:
  8. Quora:
  9. Reddit:

Try to post useful content on these websites, not just content for a link. If you build great content people will start to click on the links thus, traffic.

And here is my strategy to find link oppurtunities:
Go to Alexa or any backlink service and check the backlinks of your competition and try to build links from the same websites.

What is your strategy for link building? Do you have any other websites that you like to get backlinks from?

Please share. Thanks,

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QA sites like Quara, yahoo and wiki answers get more traffic and quality link to your sites. There are lot of other good article and forum sites also get quality links. These are some good domain authority sites for link building.

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youtube not belong in this list

Guest posting is best way to get high authority website backlink.

Thanks for sharing..

i think quora is very usefull for increase traffic for your website

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