What do you think of the possibility that GMB could become paid?

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I googled GMB and here the first hit heralded "DON'T DIE WITHOUT EXPLORING WHAT YOUR BODY IS TRULY CAPABLE OF".

One of the problems of using acronyms is that not everyone can divine what you meant. Try this:

  1. Write what the acronym means then in parens the acronym for use later in the discussion.
  2. Forget acronyms when you don't need to use them.

I intended Google my Business

One of the problems of using acronyms is that not everyone can divine what you meant.

This is in the digital marketing forum, and within that industry, it's pretty widely understood what GMB means.

What do you think of the possibility that GMB could become paid?

As far as it becoming paid, I don't think that would make much sense at all for Google's business model. It's to Google's great benefit to be a directory of every single brick and mortar company that exists. Limiting it to just paid users would go against Google's mission of indexing the web, indexing every book, indexing every storefront, indexing every street in the world, etc. In terms of having paid premium listings, they already do that with Google Ads. GMB works nicely as an Ads Extension right now.

I also just noticed the topic title is Google My Business ;)

Thanks Dani,

When I clicked to read this thread the title was not on screen but yes it's in the URL. That's my only excuse here.

Guess I need to scroll harder now.

Well there is a possibility that it become paid . Maybe they will charge for some features . A great GMB profile can bring a lot of business so there is a possibility they will introduce a new features and charge for it.

commented: Let's hope this happens. While free is great, at some point it costs to add features and is worth paying for. +15

I asked this question precisely because I knew that they were already testing this version in the USA, when I learned of the news there was talk of a $ 50 badge that made a Google guarantee appear on your GMB profile.
I don't think it's great though if they introduced other functions at modest prices so that you can make the version accessible even to smaller companies you could start thinking seriously about an implementation of this type, given the importance of the tool in recent times

The bottom of the article I linked to in my previous post says:

Just to be clear, Google Guaranteed is not new, it has been around for years. What is new is this $50 per month subscription package that businesses can buy to get Google Guaranteed and possibly other services from Google.

So it seems like it's a pay-to-play type thing. This errily reminds me of what made Google so great in the first place back in the very early 2000s. At the time, GoTo.com was the first pay-per-click search engine, where companies could bid a couple of cents to be listed higher up in the search results. The idea really caught on with some other search engines at the time. Google stood out in that they offered an AdWords PPC model that put the paid ads off in the sidebar, making money from ads, yet clearly differentiating what was paid from what was organic listings. To me, this feels as if Google forgot their beginnings, allowing businesses to buy their way into getting a badge that they didn't earn organically.

If this works, I think it will gladly forget them.

Google my business is one of the best local listing service provided by Google. Currently Google provide this services free of cost because both Google and business owners get benefits from It. The question is how Google get benefits from it?

Google my business pages all across the world help Google to become more popular in the people who need local services. Every people find their requirement very easily. So, more people goes to Google and search their local needs. In this way Google, increase their user without doing anything. Only they develop a system where verified business owners can list their business.

On the other side it may be possible that Google also charge money to list your business in future.

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