How do you submit a website to Google?

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You shouldn't need to. The foundation of the Google algorithm is that Google follows links across the web to eventually discover, on its own, every unique webpage worthy of indexing. Part of the Google algorithm is the concept that the more incoming links there are pointing to a webpage from higher quality sources (pages that have a high number of incoming links themselves), the more important that webpage is.

If you have a brand new website that nobody knows about yet, link to it from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Tell people about it. Share it with friends of yours who own blogs. Just don't spam :) Google will discover it on its own.

All that being said, the article that rproffitt linked you to talks about setting up a Google Search Console account. That's highly recommended to do as well, because it gives some valuable insight into how Google sees and indexes the pages of your website. However, it isn't required to be crawled, indexed, or show up in the Google search results.

Good luck.

You don't need to submit it manually. Google regularly looks for new sites and update it in there data base. In case you have a site and is not google and is taking longer to show up in google you can update sitemap.xml or you can use search console to get your site on google.

I hope this helps.

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