Hello, I'm an office worker and I love to listen to pop and rap songs. And what music do you like to listen to?

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Well for me it depends on my mood but pop & rap is my first choice . nowadays i listen to rap music more than pop cuz its more popular . Always staying updated with new music on spotify.

It’s weird because when I was in my teens and early 20s, I absolutely needed background noise while I coded. Usually I would keep the TV on in the background to something I could half listen to while I worked.

Then I started working out of an office in my early 20s, and there was no TV in the room. I started working in silence, and since then, any music, TV, or noise at all I find completely distracting.

After 10 years in an office, I’m went back to working from home, and at first I needed quiet to concentrate. After about 3 years being WFH, I’m back to having the TV on in the background and half watching.

Funny how I wasn’t able to make the switch mentally when coding from home but with an office.

I like to listen motivation song when stress.

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