Hi guys,

I use Mozilla for testing my sites.... but then when my friend saw it in IE he ask me that
"why I still have to DOUBLE CLICK the BUTTON in FLASH?" the FLASH says it should be clicked or you should press enter to activate the FLASH.

Is this normal?

Good Day to all!

Hey there!

Yup - because Microsoft changed the way they activate ActiveX Controls as part of a web page, IE users need to click Flash in order to activate the control. This was something Microsoft had to do in response to a lawsuit -- more info can be found here.

The easiest and (IMHO) best way to ensure cross-platform functionality is to use SWFObject. Works like a charm and actually enables all sorts of cool stuff (like quick and easy introduction of variables, additional parameters, SEO-friendly Flash replacement content, etc.). It also allows you to use SWFAddress, which I'm beginning to find indispensable in my Flash projects these days.

Happy coding!