i was wondering if there is any program that allows you to grab the .fla file for editing from website because i would like to see more on how diff flash are done.

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There are programs, but in my opinion, it is not right to take someones elses work, even if it is just for informational/educational purposes. If they wanted you to have it, they would make a tutorial.


Actually there is a legal way to do this :) I found a site where people post games, animation, all done in flash. The coolest part is they give you the open source files! People do this to advertise their Website or services go to http://www.flashadvisor.com/


ya you can do this go on google then download any flash or .swf grabber software then grap the .swf file from desird web the convert it or you can say decompile it to .fla by .swf to .fla converter(get from google)

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Altering swfs to .flas from Websites I believe follows under hacking they don't want there code seen.
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