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I have a couple of questions regarding Dreamweaver 8. Firstly, I'm designing a website using this program. I have placed layers where my main body of text for the page is, but when I preview the page in my web browser, they are completely not where I placed them in my Dreamweaver document. They can sometimes be 2-3 inches to the right or left of where I placed them. Am I doing something wrong? Is there an option to view the page EXACTLY how it will appear in my browser?

Also, how do you place coloured blocks on the page? For example, I want the centre, where the content is, to be a white background, and two grey coloured blocks, one at either side of the centre. Is the best option to create two layers, colour them in grey and position them where I please?


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This is the problem with taking the easy way out.

If you hard code your html, you can put things where you want them with much greater control.

But there is still the matter of browser incompatibilities.

You can't design a web page like you design a Word document. It will look different on different computers and different browsers.

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