I have a website on a pro package with Geocities. On my form after the user subbmits an entry a defult whicte screen comes up saying

The following form submission was sent.

Telephone Number:
Email Address:

I don't like this because it means the user is directed away from my site and the url is a geocities url, not the url of my site.

I can change the page to any page i want but i want to also have the details that the user typed in that page.

Any one know what to do?

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I don't believe this is possible unless you are using a custom form script. Is the script (cgi, php, etc) that you are using for the form provided to you by Geocities? Does Geocities allow you to run your own custom scripts?

Geocities won't let me put my own scripts on there for "security reasons". I searched for cgi and pearl on the geocities help, but my internet is acting up so i didn't find much out.

I don't know much about cgi or peal, but i was using a cgi script that geocities gave me to put in my form tag.

If you cannot modify the script, you may consider using meta refresh tag. Thus the page will show as it is and after some time, e.g. 3 seconds, the user will be redirected to a different page. Of course you must explain the user what is happening.

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