As I said before, I'm a huge gadget girl. I had the opportunity earlier this month to test out the very cool Jawbone bluetooth headset for my Treo 755p. I have to say that I'm very picky about my headsets and like making the right investment for something that may stay on my head for a long time, especially if I'm driving (since by law out here, you have to use a hands-free device on the road).

So after trying a number of devices, the Jawbone came into my hands, and I can't say I'm disappointed at all. Here's the packaging. When you open the unit, you have 5 earbuds and 4 different ear loops (small and large both for left and right ears). The headset comes with both an AC adapter and a USB charger. After having my Jawbone charging across my apartment, I realized how useful that USB charger ended up becoming: now it's another wire connected to my laptop, and I've no complaints.

Assembly of the device is easy. One caveat: make sure you're actually putting the right earloop inside the device. They are notated with L and R for each ear. ;)

In comparison to other headsets I've used, the Jawbone is a really sturdy device. My last 2 bluetooth headsets actually broke (on the first one, the earloop cracked; on the second, the volume button died!). I can't say I'm afraid of having the Jawbone break anytime soon.

Overall, performance was great. The biggest feature about the Jawbone is that it has a strong noise filter and this seems to work well. The only downside would be when you're using it in windy conditions. In that case, there may be some interference, but otherwise, it's a great device.

I've actually found the Jawbone to be quite comfortable. Given the fact that it has both an earloop and an earbud gives the Jawbone the opportunity to fit well in your ear. The earbud is a bit loose for me, but with the earloop as a safety net, I don't fear that I'll lose it. My previous bluetooth headsets did not deliver a comfortable fit, but the Jawbone makes it easy to find something that works.

Do I recommend it? It's sexy, sleek, comfortable, and in comparison to the other headsets I've used, it's got a great build quality that looks like it will last.

And as an added bonus, it looks like a real headset (and one that's pretty mainstream at that), so you won't look ridiculous walking around with it!

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