My recently bought (from Walmart) XO Vision 2gig mp3 player v873.229.700 also identified in the one-page
documentation as Styler x120AUD2GB with FM radio and Voice Recording, loses music already downloaded. I run Win XP and the documentation says the driver only needs to be installed on Win 98, ME and older and for XP one may treat the player as a USB flash drive. When I do this and open the properties dialogue I show a full 2gig and can transfer files from a window displaying my seagate 300gig external usb hard-drive to the window showing the mp3 files on my mp3 player (as drive G:).
However, after showing successful transfer of 135 songs and then looking at the mp3 player's display,I only have about 90 songs so I lost some, somehow. If I re-connect the player to the USB port again it will confirm in a window that I have only the 90 songs. When I disconnect and reconnect again I may have only 55 songs showing in the computer window and on the mp3 player and so on. That is, what the computer says was downloaded isn't necessarily what really got put onto the mp3 player! Also, if I try to load several songs in quick succession by selecting them one at a time and then doing individual fast "copy"s, I get about 20% of the files in reality although the explorer window says all of them got onto the player. I do watch the player display which says "writing" whilst downloading and wait until it says "ready" before transferring more files. So, first, why is this happening, and second, how can I ensure I can reliably download from my Dell desktop external 300gig hard-drive to this XO Vision mp3 player?

OK, forget it. According to Walmart reviewers, this is a terrible unit period. My experience is typical and the solution is "take it back". The solution will be a Creative Labs 2gig 100 MUVO which has a better
reputation. SOLVED.

I found this on the Wal-mart Review page. I did it and it worked.
When i first bought it i had problems with saving the files onto the Player itself the music would not stay on it. Well i have figured out this problem and fixed it heh its quite simple of a problem to be solved the Mp3 player operates on FAT32 which its Hardware does not Support and which couses the problem of Data Loss so to fix this Reformat it in FAT format Not i repeat NOT FAT32 this should fix your problem other than that this is a very good product and i give it a very good grade for size performance and its nice 2 gig drive space
How to?
1) go to your My Computer.
2) Right click on your Ejectable drive or Drive G and go to Format in the drop down Menu.
3) Bellow File System select FAT not FAT32.
4) format the drive G which is your MP3 Player and then continue with putting music on it.
Done it should work fine now ^-^ Enjoy hehe

Yes I tried to format it to FAT instead of FAT32 but FAT wasn't an opition, is there any thing else I need to do?

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