So my microphone is acting funny and im sure its something to do with my settings.

Whenever i speak with no sound in my backround, my mic is perfect, clear and correct volume sound. BUT, when i have music playing in the backround, or a game running with sound on, or anything with sound in general, all the people hear when i speak is a LOUD ANNOYING static. When i listen to it myself, i hear one section of my sound playing over and over again, also with VERY LOUD STATIC.

Any ideas as to what could cause it?

Microphone = I've tried 3 different ones, same result.
Sound program = Realtek HD audio manager

Realtek doesnt support micrcophone audio and speech jacks for some reason i had the same problem it is a glitch with there driver i researched it and i found no result ..... get a usb microphone and everything works trust me realtek sucks! lol

Since you're using Realtek HD audio manager, have you messed with the microphone settings at all? Try enabling the noise suppression if you already haven't enabled it. If you have it enabled, maybe disable it. You could also try reinstalling the drivers. Hopefully that helps.

i agree. i like headphones with USB jacks coz they are very fail safe. i have the same problems with my logitech headphones and its crap. my mic doesnt work even if i reinstall my sound card. good luck with your mic.