Hi people,

My name is Ashwin , and I am new to this forum. This is my first post.

I had installed ubuntu 9.04 on my lenovo s-10 netbook with windows xp (dual boot). But the netbook crashed when i tried to access windows files from ubuntu.

I had to get it repaired. The lenovo technician told that this laptop does not support dual boot.

But I want to have Windows and Ubuntu on my netbook. Is there any other way to have both of them. I tried using VMware, but the performance became bad.

So please let me know if there is any other way to go about it. A simple linux in windows will also suffice , if that can be done on :)

Thanks in advance

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install windows then install ubuntu, grub will be installed which offers dualboot

Actually I had done the same . But the whole netbook crashed when i tried opening the windows files from ubuntu .

i dont have this problem when i do it, maybe you messed up important system file without even noticing?

oh...do you also have lenovo s-10? If yes which Ubuntu version r u using?

oh no (wait do you have s10 3t?) i have a dell mini 9 (classic) and i use nbr 10.04 and meego 1 (was using moblin b4) and yes neither support my braodcom wifi card (duh). oh and chrome os wurks (from hexxeh flow)

"The lenovo technician told that this laptop does not support dual boot. "

Some rusty technician out there.


Maybe your netbook does not have enough memory to run both i know mine doesn't

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