I'm not sure if this is in the right forum, but anyway:

I have an Acer Aspire 5742G Laptop and the headphone port has started to act funny. It doesn't send audio to the left side of my headphones unless I hold the headphone plug slightly down. I've tested it with other headphones and confirmed that it isn't the headphones causing the problem. I am considering taking it apart and taking a look at the headphone port, any advice?

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Silly question...
Are you even experience in taking apart laptop components and check each of it manually? Laptop hardware are so much different from desktop so better NOT do it if you don't know what you're doing...

I've never done it before. :P I've taken apart plenty of PCs before. Mabey I should get an expert to look at it?

Before you do that. Is your audio driver updated?

That is a good question. I've never updated my audio driver.. will try now.

I looked at Device Manager and it says:

NVIDIA High Definition Audio
NVIDIA High Definition Audio
NVIDIA High Definition Audio
NVIDIA High Definition Audio
Realtek High Definition Audio

I'm not sure which one to update, and why there is 5 :|

there should be just one or two only.

perhaps try uninstall all of it and reinstall back

I tried uninstalling one then it just installed it again.

Is there any yellow exclamation marks or red cross there in device manger next to the driver?

nope, no crosses or anything

Have you update it. You can download the latest driver from the manufacturer websites. There should not be that much audio driver like what flagstar have said. What do you mean by " I tried uninstalling one then it just installed it again.

Can you explain in to me. Thanks.

I right-clicked on one of the NVIDIA High Definition Audio ones and clicked Uninstall then it got removed, then it said 'Installing driver software' and it came back.

How about the rest. Maybe that one could not be uninstalled.

That would be troublesome. Normally reinstalling would occur after reboot or invoke 'Scan for hardware changes' but reinstall automatically after uninstall?? Never heard of it...

Try do it in safe mode. That way it won't automatically update your audio driver. But first download the latest audio driver for your laptop and make sure it's the correct driver before rebooting and boot into safe mode.

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