i bought new Acer Laptop (aspire 5742g) it has window 07 home basic operating system,it was working good till yesterday night today morning i switched on, i cant hear any sound in my laptop,i can hear in headset connected through USB but not in laptop speaker the inbuilt one,i reinstalled whole operating system then though sound is not coming at all in laptop in built speaker i did all kind of setting and realtek 97 is my default sound drive i checked it..... PLEASE ANY ONE HELP ME ASAP IF ITS POSSIBLE MAIL ME AT [snipped]

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Go to your device manager and check whether your audio driver is properly installed. There should not be any red x or exclamation mark there. Is there any thing jam inside the built in speaker?


Yeah, probably the thing is in audio driver. Can be so that it wasn't installed at all. I assume you can download it from the website of the producer as well


try to check the sound in the control panel > sound > see if the speaker is in blue check.!if not set the speaker in default

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