I'm interested in buying a netbook, and I was searching, but I didn't find any information, on which models had integrated 3G modems in them?

Is there any list of netbooks models which have integrated 3G modem?

I need web ubiquitously :)

Thank you

Never heard of them myself, I only know that tablets and handphone have 3G in them. But Lenovo seems to plan on building one.

But there exist such netbooks? I've seen already some netbooks with 3g modem on shops, but now I can't find any. I would be willing to pay an extra to have a 3g modem!

Why is almost impossible to find such netbooks?

Because if there is such thing it will be too advanced for the world to handle it. You can only buy usb modem and plug it into laptops.

Why it is too advanced? I've seen already many netbooks with 3g modems... I don't want to carry constantely an external 3g modem because it is not pratical

Well you can try pout Samsung Series 5 Chromebook having 3G inbuilt.

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