Hello all,
I have been programming for about five years now and am finally looking into getting my own computer. :) The deal is I need a cheap computer ($100 - $800 about) that can handle programming (C++, Java, Python, Web Dev, some minor Game Dev) and college life as I am planning to start in about 6 months. I have heard about the Ultrabooks that are just coming out and they seem really nice. I'm not so much of a hardware guy, so could you tell me if an Ultrabook would work for my situation?

Thanks in advance,

- WolfShield

Ultrabooks are basically small, light-weight laptops that have a bigger footprint (screen/keyboard) than a netbook, as well as the ability to hold more memory and disc space than a netbook. A decent one will probably do you well, though I'd invest a few $$ and get an external display in the 20" or larger category for use on your desk, along with a mouse or trackball. That will be handy for writing those school papers and such, and playing games. Many new systems have hdmi output for the external display, and some no longer have a VGA compatible port, so you will want to make sure the display you get has both vga and dvi/hdmi ports.

Alright, thanks!
Most of the Ultrabooks I've found in my price range are 128GB SSD with a 4GB RAM; the computer I currently use has a 250GB HD. Will 128GB be alright for my intended use, or would it be a good idea to invest in an external hard-drive?

Again, thanks,

- WolfShield

A 128GB disc is pretty decent for most purposes. An external HDD is useful for backups, including system disc images for disaster recovery purposes.

Thank you very much for your time and knowledge, rubberman.


- WolfShield

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