hi, guys
this is my first post anywhere.
so, here's the thing...i'm working on an older daewoo mini atx box
psu: hec 145 watts
cpu: amd k6-2 550 mhz
ram: 256 mb
floppy, lg cd-rw
hdd: quantum fireball 15gb
mobo: msi ms5187 ver:1
i had to change the cmos battery to get it to post, but that's all it does.
at the end of post, it's almost as if the system hangs, but i can restart with ctrl-alt-delete.
i suspected a hard drive problem, so i put it in a good machine as slave, that machine froze before the desktop finished loading.
i tried several drives, set bios every way i could think of, set boot order three different ways, reseat ram, & cpu, no luck.
no matter which drive it tries to boot from, the same thing happens; post completes & you can hear the drive spin up, but nothing happens. the last line of post is verifying dmi data..... then the curser sits there blinking happily untill i reboot or shut down.
i usually figure these thing out, but this one has me stumped...any ideas? i will keep tinkering for a while, but any help or suggestions will be helpfull. thanks in advance: ron

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this machine is too old...no option for boot from usb drive.
i tried it anyway, but no luck
it's as if after detecting floppy, cd rom & hard drive in bios, it can't see any of them to boot from


thank you so much for your ideas, but the problem remains;
the computer will not boot from floppy, cd rom, or hard drive. no usb boot option in menu, or bios...the only way to boot this machine seems like steel-toed boots
it tries to access every drive i've tried, but seems to just hang before it can read from them...any other thoughts?...anyone?

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