Hello everyone,
I have a problem with a newly assembled PC. First, here's the specs:

Athlon X2 5200
Asus M2A VM
OCZ Gold PC6400 2x1gb
1xSATA 160gb
earhwatts PSU 500w

So I put everything together (made sure I was grounded and handled everything as carefully as possible) and booted up for the first time. The result was a black screen and nothing. So I took out what I could (the video card, the second fan, one stick of ram) and took off the heatsink, cleaned it, reapplied cooling paste (before I was using the pre-applied paste which was very thick so I thought possibly there were some contact problems), put everything back together and booted up. This time I got a "Warning! CPU has been changed....". Ok, so I go to the bios, make sure that everything looks ok, save and exit. When the system reboots, I get a motherboard alarm. One long beep, followed by two short ones. Just in case, I thought, I'd clear the Cmos. So out goes the battery, switch jumpers, etc. When I booted up, everything seemed fine, so I try to install Vista. Here, everything went ok until the installation was complete and the PC rebooted itself and once again I get the motherboard alarm sound.
Does anybody have any ideas what the problem could be? I have a feeling that it might be the RAM but everything is brand new and I'm 99% positive that there couldn't have been a static shock during the assembly process.
If anybody has any advice they might be able to give, I'd really appreciate it.

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if this is an award bios it's the video failure. check the video card ( if u have one) or load all default in the bios and try again

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