Hello everyone,
I have a problem with a newly assembled PC. First, here's the specs:

Athlon X2 5200
Asus M2A VM
OCZ Gold PC6400 2x1gb
1xSATA 160gb
earhwatts PSU 500w

So I put everything together (made sure I was grounded and handled everything as carefully as possible) and booted up for the first time. The result was a black screen and nothing. So I took out what I could (the video card, the second fan, one stick of ram) and took off the heatsink, cleaned it, reapplied cooling paste (before I was using the pre-applied paste which was very thick so I thought possibly there were some contact problems), put everything back together and booted up. This time I got a "Warning! CPU has been changed....". Ok, so I go to the bios, make sure that everything looks ok, save and exit. When the system reboots, I get a motherboard alarm. One long beep, followed by two short ones. Just in case, I thought, I'd clear the Cmos. So out goes the battery, switch jumpers, etc. When I booted up, everything seemed fine, so I try to install Vista. Here, everything went ok until the installation was complete and the PC rebooted itself and once again I get the motherboard alarm sound.
Does anybody have any ideas what the problem could be? I have a feeling that it might be the RAM but everything is brand new and I'm 99% positive that there couldn't have been a static shock during the assembly process.
If anybody has any advice they might be able to give, I'd really appreciate it.

if this is an award bios it's the video failure. check the video card ( if u have one) or load all default in the bios and try again