OK, my problem is when i boot up my laptop (Hp pavilion zv6000 Dual 512mb) the screen wont light up, i can see where it says Windows, and can here it log in, i took of the keyboard cover and lifted the keyboard to check the connectors, and theres 3 wires coming from the laptop, one is relatively thick and goes directly into a connector, and the other 2 run under the wirless receiver. The screen was just replaced from an hp zv5000. I believe the bulb in the screen is bad but havent checked.

Also before Christmas, the laptop was constantly Blue screening, with either tcip error or Win32k error, i think the tcip has to do with to much internet flow through the laptop, but i dont know what the Win32k error is.

Any Help will be much appreciated, and if you need pictures i will provide them.

Two things come to mind: Why the screen change and when exactly did the blue screen errors, etc. begin, before or after the change? Second, blue screen errors usually means some sort of driver error, i.e. wrong driver, etc.

OK, the laptop was given to me from a friend, he had basically destroyed the thing, when i got it from him the screen was cracked(i think he stepped on it), and the blue screen errors, he said the win32k error started after he upped the memory to dual 512, he said the tcip error started after he got on limewire(after i insisted he no) i think he went "stuff" crazy. i also think he may have damaged the wireless reciver when he stepped on it(it was closed), it would give me the tcip error when ever i was downloading torrents, or streaming videos etc. seamed when ever the connection was high if it got above about 75% it would shut off. So simply put, the blue screening have been going on since i got the laptop, and the screen was replaced because the old one was cracked, and when i put the new one on it worked for 2 days then i turned it one one day and it didnt light up.

Limewire can be configured to NOT activate when the OS boots, (that should help with the tcip error) that is if you want to keep it installed.
The new screen MAY be overloading the available power.

I formated the computer right when I got it to get all the crap he had on there off so limewire is gone. i only use torrents and occasionally ares, and the screens where the same model.

Your torrent app. and probably ares MAY be running in the background when the OS boots which could still be a tcip conflict.
Nothing further on the screen itself.

Thanks for ur help, and i have noticed it is usueally when a torren is downloading, and i do have them both configured to not start up on boot. do you know if ther is anyplace to replace my tcip.sys file?
thanks again

do you know if ther is anyplace to replace my tcip.sys file?
No, none at all. The file does not show up on xp pro at all which leads me to believe that this a different os ver. or a device driver? With the amount of ram that you're advertising the prob. shouldn't be related to that. missed or wrong setting somewhere? try to get as much info as you can from the next BSOD.

did a quick search online and came up with this. spooldr.sys, tcip.sys, & tcpip.sys seem to be viruses.
the resultant prob.s seem to be related to corrupted/missing winsock files.
your error log may give an eventid 4226.
try this link http://nitecruzr.blogspot.com/2005/05/problems-with-lsp-winsock-layer-in.html
& read carefully
if you're not running a 3rd party firewall and/or AV software now would be the time to do so.

More than likely its not the bulb, its the driver (board that increases the voltage to drive the gases in the florescent light to turn on). maby the one in the old display is still good, i would first try fn+f5 or whatever your monitor switching key setup is (changes the display from internal to external or both by repeatedly pressing the key combination).

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