Can anyone tell me how to find out what type of RAM my computer uses without taking the computer apart?
Thank you.
ItalianPrincess :rolleyes:

The people who built it could easily tell you that without more info.

No one here can with the info you've provided, (which is none hahaha!), you'd have to tell us at least something about your machine. Tell us what you know about your machine, (Brand, CPU type and speed, Operating system, any info could help), and I'm sure someone can help you. :)

If your computer is a 'Name Brand' one which has make and model number printed on it, please let us know that information.

special built but mostly Sony 1.1Ghz Windows 98se thats about all I know, I am really new at this.....I have 256 ram now and want to add more

I'd hazard a guess from the CPU speed that your machine uses SDRAM, either PC-100, or PC133, but that's not an authoritative guess, as I have no real clue to go on other than CPU speed.

It has no model number? How do you come to the 'mostly Sony' conclusion? Does the case itself say Sony? (If so, there should be a model number somewhere).

One tip: Most machines give a lot of information right after you first turn on the power, but it scrolls by so fast, you have little time to read. Do this:

Shut down your machine, and get ready! Hold your finger over the Pause button on your keyboard. Power on your machine, and when text first appears, hit the pause key quickly, and write down any text you can see. (Most machines, you can hit enter to unpause, then hit pause again). You might have to do this a few times to get all the info, as it can go by quite quickly! Then come here, and post any info you've found, it may tell us what we need to know to help you. Good luck!

If it is name brand you coul look at your manual if you still have it.

I have it figured out now, pc133 SDRAM
thanks everyone for the help

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