Lately, i was just thinking. . . . . .

In a server setup, with servers and thin clients, how thin clients run the os or other low level program and then the server does all the main processing for the apps programs etc. . .

Would it be possible to do the reverse?

I was thinking of getting two or three older computers and connecting them together through maybe 1/1000 or fiber optic, and then setting up a reverse server, so that one computer would be the master and run say win xp for example, then the other one or two would run the other programs.

Or even maybe just to set it up so that the master shared all the processing and maybe ram through out all of the processors.

Is this in any way possible???:?:

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I have also thought of this as well. My thought was what if you took the IED cable from the first motherboard that would have been plugged into the HD and plugged it into the second motherboard into were the dvd/cd driver was plugged in at, so the first computer has the dvd/cd drive and the second has the HD. Do you think this is a possibility or do you think you would need to some how slave one motherboard to the other?
Another way would be to have a IED cable with three plugs two into each motherboard and the third into the HD, however I think there would need to be a issue of timing here. Having both computers running the same job at the same speed.
I don't know, I will have to test it out for my self and post later how it worked..