Hello everyone, I am writing to plead for help to fix the screen on my laptop, which for seemingly no reason, has decided to forget about the couple of inches of screen on the right and a line the exact size of the normal "start" button status bar...

I realise my descriptions may not be very helpful so I have also uploaded a picture. As you may be able to tell, the colours that used in the status bar seem to run into the useless strip at the bottom, yet the block on the right remains completely black. My laptop is still working normally in every other respect, but I am sure you can appreciate that I would like my display back to how it should be!

Any ideas or solutions would be much appreciated.


the fault could be coming from the vga card or the drivers. my advise will be that, you download a new drivers for the vga card. but before then
check your device manager to see if there is a question mark to any of the drivers.
to get the device manager, right-click my computer, go to properties, click on hardware tab, and device manager.