In 2005, I bought a laptop from XY Computers and purchased Total Protection extra insurance for it, before the original Warranty expired. When the laptop was 9 months old, its power connector jack broke and I sent it for repairs, only to be told that spillage had damaged the motherboard. spillage had occurred, and even if it had, IT WAS INSURED. I had extra insurance (all damage) which they were very, very reluctant to honor. So, we disagreed. After more than a year of arguing, I finally got a replacement laptop from XY just over a month ago. Now,call me a fool for doing it again, but I'd like to buy Total Coverage for the Replacement laptop. Problem is, the keyboard has quit before I even registered it, or acknowledged receipt; much less bought the extra coverage. Now, I'm nervous about even registering....and more so about insurance. My fear is that they will insist on running remote diagnostics in order to determine state of laptop, and that if it shows up that keyboard is funky, I will be SOL. Not only will I be unable to buy total coverage insurance, but the entire warranty might be invalidated..... They already demonstrated their willingness to break the rules by refusing to honor my previous policy (purchased in 9/05; claim filed on 7/7/06 and claim settled more than a year later - on 12/24/07.) I don't trust 'em. In your experience, will I have to run diagnostics or something in order to Register the laptop and/or buy total coverage? I can't remember the process. Thanks.

If the replacement quit within say 30-45 days you should take it back.
As for the extended warranty this saying applies: "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." ; )
If you insist on extended warranty, spend your money somewhere else.
There's generally no reason to run diags. on a new mach. just f/that purpose.