hi guys.. can somebody help me on how to fix this problem on my computer.. the problem is that when windows screen appears it suddenly displays an Over Frequency error on my monitor with an error code of H:64.0Khz V:60hz, i thought it was blue screened but it doesn't.. does anyone knows to fix this? thnx

It sounds like your video card is transmitting data (refresh rate)at too great a rate for the monitor. All monitors have a maximum rate, exspressed in HZ that they can properly operate on. You must sync your vidoe card output with this rate, otherwise problems occur. no kidding, right? The displayed values are the maximum values that the monitor can handle, so, hook up another monitor, crt preferably, and set your video speed to a lower setting, 60hz or lower, then hook up the other monitor and see what it does. You should get a picture. The refresh rate is critical for gaming, faster is better for displaying fast moving objects, but normal applications won't show a difference between 85 and 60 hz. My nvidia card has a default setting of 85 hz btw. GOod luck, try this and then repost please.