I have tried this drive in 2 separate computers with the same problem. It will read cds of any kind but no dvds, except in one instance it read a dvd that was made with dvd-decrypter using dvd-decrypter as the read program.

i have emachines 2.93ghz 1gig ram 450 gig hd running Windows xp sp2 nero and dvdfab platinum

stand alone it shows as dvd-rw in "my computer" but when I slave it to my hp 1040i dvd-rw dl the hp show as dvd-ram and the lite on shows as dvd-rom

i can read and write cd+/-r's with the drive

and I have tried updating firmware to lite on's PS0B I downloaded from their site with no results.


If it doesn't work in 2 machines, replace it. A newer 20X writer can be had for under $30 with shipping.