Hi -- sorry for redundancy I'm posting this as a new thread (though I contributed it to a former thread considered "solved", because I consider this issue far from solved, and need help!

I have an HP 1315 All in one scanner/printer. It used to work just fine with my MacBookPro laptop while we were in Egypt last year. But it suddenly stopped working, and is giving me USB overcurrent and powersurge messages on my Macs and PCs respectively.

Now we are in Germany where it is easier to get access to technical help and we tried to hook it up to my wife's MacBook laptop and we got the message " USB Overcurrent Notice " saying the device was drawing too much power. It was also not detected.

I tried it again on my MacBook Pro, where it used to work, and got the same message. On both machines, thinking it might be a driver update issue I tried reinstalling, uninstalling, downloading updated drivers etc., lost many hours. No avail!

Then I thought I would be clever and used Bootcamp to install Windows XP SP 2 on one partition of my harddrive. I then installed the HP All in One software on the PC side of my map and tried the printer/scanner. It said "not detected". I tried several different usb cables and jiggled one around where it joins the printer because the fitting didn't feel snug. Then a message popped up "Power Surge Hub Port Problem".

If this is a Windows XP SP2 problem as some have indicated, why do I get the USB Overcurrent" notice on both Macs? This seems to be a problem with the printer, no?
It has a 400 W power supply, so some other threads saying you need a 400 W power supply or over don't help me.

I will trudge down to Saturn and waste money I don't have on a powered USB as some have suggested and see if that has any effect, and I will report in later.
But if you know the answer (HP support is silent about this problem!) PLEASE HELP -- I'm writing a Ph.D. Dissertation on the garbage collectors/recyclers of the Ghettos of Cairo and they want me to scan hand-drawn maps they have made of their community so I can put them in Google Earth so we can direct relief money to them to build solar hot water systems.

We are on a deadline and have to solve the problem, so I am turning to the international IT community!


T.H. (Taha) Rassam Culhane
Solar Cities Cairo/Essen/Los Angeles

overcurrent !!! to much power ! sound like a defective printer power supply or power cord ,
have you tried another printer .