I assembled a pc a year ago and it worked well until recently. Once I press the power switch it starts but nothing comes on the screen and I don't get the *beep* sound either. After few attempts I found out a weird way to make it boot up. First I switch it on, nothing happens. I wait for several seconds and press the restart button and it starts ok. But thats not the end to the problem. Once it loads the windows login screen it just hangs, or sometimes it hangs once on desktop or after several minutes when I start working. I found another weird solution to this one too. I just need to simply wait at least 15 minutes before I press the restart button to boot up my pc in the first place. After that it works smoothly... no hangs no screen glitches. Help on this anyone? I checked everything and the only thing that was not working inside my pc was the graphic card fan. It's GeForce 5200 128mb. But I dont think thats the problem, cuz no fan means overheating. But its the other way around, once it gets heated it works even better in my case... strange. Help?

Sounds like heat damage.

Extreme temperatures cause the solder joins to become brittle and break. So the temperature range causes expansion and contraction of the joints, causing stress and then breakage.

So once it's warm its obviously making a better connection due to the contraction being experienced. Try a good know Graphics card and see how you get on dude


hey thanx a lot, never thought of it that way before. that might be the problem, since my computer case is quite small where I fit in 2 hdd, a board w graphic card, lan card, modem added on and also with 2 dvd roms. Buying better cooler and bigger case might also help aye? i was gonna change my motherdoard thinking the whole chipset or bios things were screwed up, lol

borrow a graphics card that you know is a good working one and "try before you buy" Then you will know for sure then.

Yep bigger case and better cooling support is always a good choice