I have a Toshiba Satellite 17" Laptop. A 32 mm strip of white running from the top of the screen to the bottom has established on the left hand side of the screen. Another 32 mm band is forming (flickering ) 32 mm away from the first i.e I have two white strips separated by a 32mm band of desktop. Suspect I will be looking at a prison-bar situation soon. As we live in Seychelles, our repair options will inevitably involve a teaspoon, some tissues and a toothpick. Before I open 'er up, I'd appreciate any insights as to what I am (or not, in this case) looking at.... Cheers CO'B

It looks like the screen is wearing out. How long have you had this laptop? Also, have you dropped it recently or has any liquid got into it? I think the screen is the problem here.

Thanks GL.
The bars do not appear when the laptop is attached to an external screen so, we are thinking screen defect - not uncommon apparently. The machine is less than 1 yo. Chrs

I would think about getting a new screen, or a replacement of some sort. Seeing as it's less than a year old, i think your warranty should still cover it. Take it back to where you bought it from, explain that the screen is broken, and i'd like a new one.