My compaq 2000M laptop is runing very very slow. It ran so slow it went to blue screen I had to go to F8 bios startup to get it to boot to windows XP and it will run for almost 30 minutes before I get to the windows log in page. What am I looking for. Do I need a new CPU, is there something fried on my motherboard? I defraqed, ran clean boot, deleted every file I don't need.

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Are u sure u dont have software issues with ur laptop? My thoughts are that your laptop is infected with viruses/malware. Get the thing scanned for em and see what it does to ur machine. Also you ll be able to get more support on the realted forum on Virus/Adware section. There you ll find lots of possible solutions for ur problem, hope that helps.

If your PC boots up fine then u can rule out that the Mobo is fried as otherwise u ll get nothing at all from it. But as it does boot up but just runs slow, i say u scan it with good software dude. Anyways keep it posted how u go about it



It shouldnt be a problem with any hardware just get it scanned and im certain that re-installing windows will fix all the problems :D

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